Hi, I’m Caroline Ashkar* and I am a Los Angeles based visual storyteller/photographer/videographer/artist/musician/community organizer.

Basically, I sing songs, take photos, work with people in various capacities, and tell stories, and this website is a collection of my work.

Within the non-profit and social work sectors, my work is generally focused in community organizing, and social and economic development. Much of my work involves the emphasis of creativity and documentary storytelling as an implement of social impact and change. I am a strong believer that the telling of ones story is powerful. Through storytelling, we share personal experiences with others, and the world, sustaining and strengthening our sense of belonging to each other—storytelling creates community. As an artist and social worker, I am passionate about this idea and the very simple notion that everyone has an incredible story to tell and that we can find powerful stories everywhere we turn, if we just pay attention.

Oh, and also: I am a singer/songwriter and sometimes I play shows. Click on the audio tab to take a listen!

*/Care-o-leen/ /Ash-car/